Top five tips to help you buy the best Prom Frocks dress most suitable for you.

1. You want to feel special, so try on several dresses to find the one that appeals to you. You will never find the right dress that both suits your figure and fits you by looking at a website, you have to try them on. Trying on dresses makes all the difference. Don’t choose a dress based on what it looks like on a hanger.

2. You want a prom dress that not only looks fabulous on you, but you also want a dress you can dance in and that you feel comfortable wearing.

3. Remember, it’s not just the dress that’s got to be perfect – hair and makeup also must be glamorous. If you know a professional who’s good at styling – book them now!

4. If you are matching part of your outfit or going with your eye colour, decide if you want to go with cool or warm colours and stick to colours within that group.

5. Don’t leave things to the last minute, get out early to look at and try on dresses, most shops should keep a book to keep a record of which dresses have been sold to which school, this means that if you leave things to the last minute many of the designs will already have been sold to your school, and you may be left with a smaller choice.

6. Don’t bother with web-sites that offer cheap dresses from the Far East, they use photos of reliable companies dresses but what they send to you is often disappointing, very different and may not even fit you.

  • Use lash primer before mascara to volumise and lengthen lashes.
  • Cheek and lip stains are hot items that keep colour set all night.
  • Be sure to carry lip gloss and keep applying.
  • Keep loose powder on hand to minimise shine, especially for photos.
  • Spray purified water or toner last, to seal and set makeup application.
  • Use the right styling tools.
  • Use finishing products like mousse and hair spray.
  • Hairstyles hold better when hair is not freshly washed.
  • Go for a style that’s appropriate for your hair texture. Thin hair won’t hold big curls.
  • Update your highlights to keep roots less visible.