Let’s be honest, not everyone is a perfect model size, and sometimes to ensure your dress fits perfectly it will need a little alteration.

Your local Prom Frocks stockist will be able to do this for you or will give you details of a local seamstress, (there may be a charge). When you go for your dress fitting, you will need the shoes you intend to wear on the night to check the length and perhaps the underwear you intend to wear as well.

If you or your seamstress has any questions regarding alterations, please call or email us, and we will be happy to offer advice.

What happens when I place an order with a Stockist?

Your local Prom Frocks stockist will ask you a few questions about your Prom night or Leavers Do. This will include the prom event date and which school you attend.

These details are crucial so your stockist can order your dress in plenty of time and most importantly, we strongly recommend that they make sure that they only sell one dress in each design and colour to every school prom. This means that you shouldn’t have to turn up to your event and see someone else in the exact same dress.

The sooner you visit your nearest Prom Frocks Stockist, the more choice you will have. If you wait and only choose you prom dress late, you may find that many of your favourite designs have already gone to your school and you will have fewer dresses to choose from! So don’t forget the Prom Frocks motto; “First come – best Dressed!”

How do I buy a Prom Frock dress from the website?

Prom Frock dresses are not available to buy online. The sole purpose of our website is to inspire and excite you – and to direct you to an official Prom Frocks stockist. We carefully chose this approach because you really must see the quality and finish of our gowns in-store, and we think it is very important to try on a few dresses to make sure the design is right for you.

Also we would like to give you some advice on buying prom dresses from the internet, there are a lot of rogue companies out there on the web. They may advertise what looks like genuine prom dresses that you see on company web-sites, but they are in fact cheaply made fakes that often arrive in very different condition, design and the wrong size to the dress that was ordered.

Prom Frocks regularly receive calls from people who have been deceived in this way, often with only a few days to go before their Prom Night. Don’t leave yourself open to this heartache and worry, only buy from an Offical Prom Frocks Stockist, it’s not worth the risk doing anything else.

If an internet deal looks too good to be true, it’s usually because it isn’t true!

Can you make a dress in a colour that is not listed?

The only colours available are the ones shown on the website, we like to hold lots of stock in the UK so that you don’t have to wait too long to get your dress, we couldn’t hold stock like this if every dress came in twenty colours.

Do you have a store near me?

Yes, we do have shops and stores all over the UK. You can check out our Stockist list to find one of the many UK Stockists near you. If you are in a part of the UK that is so unlucky that none of the local shops stock Prom Frocks, then go into your local dress store and tell them which dress you like the best and ask them to get in touch with us!

Can you send me a catalogue?

The fashion world is very fast moving, and catalogues take ages to develop and print. We feel that the internet is the best medium to display our dresses, like us it’s flexible and fast moving.

Catalogues are part of history, if you can view our collections on your mobile phone, tablet, laptop, desk computer, why would anyone need a catalogue? Our latest collection is available to view online or better still visit your nearest Prom Frocks stockist and try the dresses on!

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